Eliott Schultz, owner/appraiser, has been a California State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser since 1990  performing residential real property appraisal reports  in the Northern Los Angeles and South Eastern Kern Counties.  He is also a Certified Machinist and Equipment Appraiser through the N.E.B.B. Institute; which means he can also appraise all your construction and farming equipment and machinery.Specializing in the following types of properties: Single Family residences, vacant lots, condominiums , Small residential income properties.

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Which appraisal is right for my use?

There are a wide variety of forms used for appraisals and they all have a specific use.

The appraisal order form button is used to choose the right format for you report for the use you need it for.

The lender appraisal request form is for lenders only for real estate appraisals. These are typically for loans or other portfolio uses.

The non-lender appraisal request is for homeowners, attorneys, accountants, estate trustees etc and can be used for a variety of reasons including estate settlements, divorces, bankruptcies, prelisting estimates or any other reason except loan related.

The sketch report is for homeowners, attorneys, real estate agents and anybody who wants to know the actual size and get some public information about a house.

The equipment order form is for anybody who needs to have an appraisal on machinery or other equipment.

The on-line versions of these forms directly email the report to me thus making it easier to read and making sure all the necessary information is in place.

Some typical forms used for appraisals

The following are the typical lender forms as of 03/05

The 1025 form is used for 2-4 unit residential properties.

The 1004 is for full appraisals of single family houses and puds that are not condos.

The 1073 is for full appraisal for condos and townhouses.

The 1075 is an exterior only version of the 1073 for condos only

The 2055 is for exterior only reports for single family houses and puds that are not condos.

The 1004c is a special form for manufactured houses on land

2075 or 2065 is an exterior report for single family houses only and has no value it is a very limited report.

There are a variety of formats used for non-lender appraisals

The old 1025 form is a good form for 2-4 unit properties and gives listings and rental information for the area in addition to recent sales.

The old 1004 form 6/86 this is an old form that was used for a long time and is multipurpose for single family, puds, condos and manufactured houses. It is obsolete for lender use but still a good form. This is the most complete form and offers the most information.

2055 Is a drive by appraisal form that can be used for non-lenders for an exterior appraisal only. It is a restricted use and not as extensive for information as a 1004 but is good when access is an issue.

A desk top appraisal is a very restricted use report and may not be used for lending or court purposes. It can provide information based on the local MLS and public records and a general opinion of value. It is good for people who are not interested in spending much money but want an unbiased opinion of value for their property.

The fees vary from form to form due to the amount of time and expertise involved in each one. Please see the fee schedule for the base fees.

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