Eliott Schultz, owner/appraiser, has been a California State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser since 1990  performing residential real property appraisal reports  in the Northern Los Angeles and South Eastern Kern Counties.  He is also a Certified Machinist and Equipment Appraiser through the N.E.B.B. Institute; which means he can also appraise all your construction and farming equipment and machinery.Specializing in the following types of properties: Single Family residences, vacant lots, condominiums , Small residential income properties.

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3 Things to Consider When Hiring an Appraisal Company:
  • Is the appraiser knowledgeable in the area and property for which you hiring them. This is especially important for a typical properties or difficult appraisals where prior knowledge of the neighborhood will be very useful. An appraiser who is local tends to have more knowledge of the community and market trends in the area and better resources to accurately appraise your property.
  • Does the company doing your appraisal have the most appropriate data sources for the area and property type to be appraised. Some appraisers choose not pay for the best data sources to save money, which can adversely affect the appraisal report. the resources include experience in working in the specific market.
  • Does the house appraisal company provide professional and ethical service with reasonable appraisal fees and turnaround times. Residential fees can vary greatly depending on the region, property and time estimated to complete the appraisal report.  The more complex the appraisal report, the higher the fees.  While the national average for a standard residential property appraisal fee is around $350, fees do vary by region from approximately $250-$500 for standard properties.  Complex residential appraisal reports can exceed $1,000.  House appraisal reports for FHA loans are not considered standard and tend to have higher fees due to the extra amount of work and time it takes to complete the report versus a report for a conventional loan.

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